(2010/07/22 Thu)
China and India replaced long- standing Western suppliers of goods to the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) to become the dominant exporters to the Gulf nation, accounting for nearly a quarter of its total imports last year, the Emirates Business 24/7 website reported Wednesday.

India exported a record high 61.5 billion dirhams (about 16.7 billion dollars) worth of goods to the UAE in 2009, accounting for around 13.7 percent of the country's total imports, the report said, citing figures by the National Bureau of Statistics of the Economy Ministry.

The figures showed that China's exports to the UAE stood at 47. 8 billion dirhams (about 13 billion dollars) last year, constituting around 10.7 percent of the country's total imports of 447.3 billion dirhams (about 121.8 billion dollars).

Taken together, exports by India and China to the UAE totaled around 109.3 billion dirhams (29.7 billion dollars) in 2009, accounting for nearly 24.5 percent of the country's total imports, the report said.

Both countries had been small exporters to the UAE compared with such major industrial powers as Japan, the United States and the European Union during the 1990s before they overtook them and became the top exporters to the country, the second largest Arab economy and one of the top 20 global importers.

The surge was a result of an aggressive marketing blitz by India and China, the competitive price of their products, proximity to the region, their strong political relationship, and persistent volatility in the bill of imports from key Western economies because of the peg between Gulf currencies and the U.S. dollar, the report said.

As for re-exports, the figures showed that Iran remained the largest market for re-exported products from the UAE, mostly from Dubai, with a value of around 25.9 billion dirhams (about 7.05 billion dollars) in 2009, accounting for 17.6 percent of the UAE's total non-oil re-exports of 147 billion dirhams (about 40.05 billion dollars).

According to the Cairo-based Arab League, the UAE became the largest trading hub in the region in 2009 after overtaking Saudi Arabia. Dubai, the country's business capital, has also maintained its position as the Middle East's transshipment center, handling over a fifth of the Gulf region's non-oil trade.

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ケ ツ マ ン コ イ イ

変態女が8万くれるって言うから、初めてア ナ ルに入れたんだけど。。。

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If I forget you

(2009/11/20 Fri)
If I forget you
If I forget you, forget that name that has made me aspired, invite you, don't remember me either. We had better not meet again, will meet again each other, ask destiny to be magnanimous, let us pass each other, just like too never knowing.

If I forget you, forget I to all of your love, before this or later on, invite you, don't remember me either, because one's hopeless purpose should be forgotten, if another person remembers yet, will very the painful,it is like being present I,at can't have paradise by hell, does not know oneself have nothing. Should forget to forget together, no one should be so selfish.

If I forget you, forget you put in my pain in the heart, invite you, don't remember me either, don't especially remember your injury to me, I believe you are not that the really hopeless feeling come here, you have not just felt about me, you are unwilling to give me a chance again too, we are too young yet, the young total important criminal has wrong one point, but all of us don't think that is wrong. No matter what it is, become result, it is happy for all of us to take, who leave who can live certainly in fact, sad must have, but must be learnt bravely behind flowing through the tears.

If I forget you, forget the blue sky because of you, forget the fragrant Fructus Gardeniae flower because of you, invite you, don't remember me either, don't remember that fragrant peppermint of the riverside, don't remember that ridicules miscellaneous music in the rink, don't remember the dim light of night waning ing, I have accompanied you to pass by, once becoming history of all, even the past, all of us will look forward, don't turn round.

If I forget you, forget that there is ancient town of Longmen of your taste everywhere, have forgotten that can see a mirror put on my desk directly of yours in the back row, forget to do the wet eyes done again by oneself, invite you, don't remember me either, it is helpless when not it takes to remember I do not cry and scream and beg you leaving ing, don't remember I pretend to ignore drunkly so many people embrace you presently and excitedly, seeming to be that has had a dream, I can not find you at one's side after waking up. My world and your sky will need either mixedly, we missed bravely from then on.

If I forget you, forget the diary page page remembers your name, has forgotten to know you come back to reply that one read joyful, have forget what a careful and lovely boy you were once, has forgotten you attract my beautiful eyes most, invite you, don't remember me either, don't remember it is perfunctory to me what kind of excuse you use, don't remember I hold two umbrella earnestly hope God rainy silly appearance, don't remember I take photo of you take figure of you on the sly until mobile phone memory enough secretly, don't remember injury of you let what kind of degeneration it will be I, no matter because I good enough or because I enough for silly to create to leave you, all there is one result, I should understand early, your choice can not be me!

Hope so I have really if, if, have this really in the world if, everything so present will be different!




ツレに教えてもらったとこにヒマつぶしではいったら、マジでやりまくっただけなのに35まんもらった(笑) 今日もタワーマンションに出張してきます(爆笑)
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犯 さ れ て き た!!

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かれこれ逆¥生活も三年目だけど、あんな気持ちいい女は初めてだったわw …
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小麦色の可愛いギャル 3

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逆 援したら取引先の社長だった件

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童 貞売ってきた

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来年三十路だから、童 貞捨てるために色々やってみたんだが……


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逆 援 助 やってきました。


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The bride makes up and makes up to pay attention to the detail

(2009/02/11 Wed)
The bride makes up and makes up to pay attention to the detail

1,Affective eyebrow powder

If you do not always think the hands which hold the eyebrow pencil are obedient, can't draw the satisfactory eyebrow. There is no harm in doing a new attempt: Spread the color on the arm with the eyebrow pencil, brush and dip in painting with the eyebrow, sweep on the eyebrow evenly, it is a naturally soft makeup result that you will get even more in pleasant surprise.

The bride makes up and makes up detail and skill

2,Stick to the foundation cream of the skin closely

The foundation cream sticking to the skin closely can make the outstanding color make-up perfect, the method is very simple, you only put the a little warm makeup sponge into the refrigerator first, several minutes later, at wiping good skin of foundation cream, you can feel skin to be extremely fresh and cool ice-cold sandwich, the color make-up seems very fresh too.

3,Cool eye drops

It will make your eyes seem very tired to drink or lack the sleep, is covered with blood silks. One or two have, relax tired eye drops of result at you can drip, make eye symptom that capillary congests, breaks releive, but eye drops many and good, may appear the bad result instead while being too much.

4,Cold towel

Red and swollen eyes, the eyes bag of the drum makes you seem listless, take it easy, apply the cold towel and hot towel alternatively on the eyes for more than 10 minutes, and then apply it for a moment by icing the towel, the tired eyes that can't bear will reply expression.
The bride makes up makeup skills

1,The healthy complexion is that the barrier that the bride makes up is strong in - -Allow to make the face to attend to regularly at the beginning in first two months when the brides had better be holding the wedding, cleanness before making up on doing benefit to like this.

2,Choose as one's own foundation cream with the color between wedding gauze kerchief and skin - -So can let you set off the complexion beautiful out better on the day of wedding.
3,Neutral apricot color lipstick and a slightly dark one pen perfect association with color department lip line.

4,Use up the lipstick, spread one more layer of transparent colour-fast lip colors, the awkward phenomenon that can prevent the lipstick from coming off, let you come and go between guests resting assured.

5,If lip too thin, can in paint, finish lipstick attack, have first powder, then apply a layer of lipsticks, can let your lip look more plump in this way.

6,The time of allowing the brides to be to prune the eyebrow had better be selected the past two weeks in the wedding, so can prevent the anaphylactic skin from presenting the red and swollen phenomenon on the day of weddinging.
7,As to the low solution of getting the wedding gauze kerchief - -You had better strike some foundation cream on the neck, will seem more natural.

8,Plan to hide the lotion of flaw - -It can help you to well conceal black orbit.

9,A little light pink blusher in sweeping at the cheeks, will let the whole face rich in the gloss and elasticity, let you to be full of vigor a whole day.

10.Choose the waterproof mascara, had better be brownish-black, can let the outline of your eyes be more obvious. But the eye don't be overly overstated to make up, because the bride makes up and is different from the drama to make up after all.

11.Special nursing of the hand - -The nail should be pruned neatly, remove some epidermises wearing out, then spread the transparent or light pink nail polish.



Have you at the side (six)

(2008/11/21 Fri)
Section six

Wang Dong paces to with hands clasped behind back Li MingLei looks Li MingLei, a look occupying a commanding position on the face up and down closer, "young people, what's it called, Ah, Li MingLei, has come to register. I am the section chief here, my surname is Wang. I have already received the notice of the company. " The straight waist board on purpose when Wang Dong says this words, already some have been thanked the head carried to raise that of his, very funny like that. Half a head that it is fully short that fewer than Wang Dong station of one point seven meters at Li MingLei's side, dashing that Li Ming and Ray who lines with out a suit of suits tie even more is handsome and graceful.

Yin YingLian almost laugh looking at two great people of contrasts, " it is really always confused too this deep and vast winter, what strength is called with young people. MingLei Li watch it is piece that set foot in hair head guy of society just, have what deeps and vasts winter worthy to be circumspect and farseeing did you regard the situation as very grave or critical so? " Yin YingLian has shaken the head secretly.

Wang Dong has begun that set of questions formatted of his, " what is name? "

"Li MingLei. " Li MingLei is talking in whispers in the heart while answering, " why hear not so pleasing to the ear, it seems to be interrogating prisoners. Oneself enter door to introduce, it is difficult for good people these to suffer from senile dementia. "

"Which one graduates from university, once what does do? " Wang Dong is elongating, tone is very that are neglected.

The expression in deep and vast winter is flurriedly stifled in the heart if Li Ming and Ray is having a look, one was clear-cut that he came too, "this is my resume, you know completely after reading. " Li Ming says that passes Wang Dong the file bag in the hand by the thunder, dimples the repugnant look of a silk on the face.

Wang Dong looks at Li Ming and Ray, stretches out one's hand to take over, is still asking in the mouth, "what are parents' jobs, who does family have? What does do? "

Li Ming and Ray is very filled with anger in the heart, impatient of on the face a bit, he is bearing some questions that temper answers in deep and vast winter strongly, there is obvious unhappiness in tone more and more .

Yin YingLian can not really see, stands up and mediates a dispute, " has had, brother Wang, it is just a child, is it flurried and flurried in the others' heart that is it necessary to make? What for, frighten the others' child terribly carefully, you can grow up on the crime. " Yin YingLian has understood deep and vast winter very much, if did not come out to interrupt by oneself, he can greet eight aunts of seven major aunt of Li Ming and Ray in turn to. As if she has rescued but the joke for Li Ming and Ray.

Dong Wang feel oneself some forget oneself unconsciously, regard as, find out Li Ming ins and outs of thunder roughly too too, heart this hung has just put back to the original place, has shown the cordial smile on the face, look like an affable elder person very much, " come, the guy, Ah, it is Li MingLei, this is all members of our department, you know. It was Yin YingLian that spoke just now, you would have something that will not be understood afterwards, though went to ask to her. " Dong Wang dissolve a one's own one in a difficult position, prop up, come Great Britain Yin in front of lotus Li Ming thunder ingenious. Want, say him to be getting wily old fox, afford to show mountain dew very much, push the work of dealing with problems arising from an accident to Yin YingLian.

Yin YingLian stretches out the right hand gracefully, " welcome you, call me sister Yin later. "

MingLei Li stretch out hand hold Yin Great Britain hand of lotus, seem, see old friend general, it seems that very young woman is full of good opinion, " I am called Li MingLei to this at the moment, please give us your advice later. If you do not mind, let me call you Great Britain's lotus sister. " Meet for the first time, MingLei Li lotus deeply grateful to Great Britain Yin, " it was not that she rescued for oneself just now, perhaps will really make this section chief Wang embarrassed by oneself. Why say this is not a good thing, must express gratitude to her indeed. " Answer of the lotus that Li Ming and Ray waits for Yin Great Britain smilingly.

YingLian Yin afford to refuse to say yes or no, Li Ming thunder fresh and cool agile appearance let Great Britain Yin lotus to appreciate very.

Yin YingLian and Li MingLei know like this, the dull one can't be duller.

Yin YingLian has not gone to remember this sedulously, but has never forgotten, just as now, Yin YingLian lies in bed silently, remembers two people and a lot of past things, come clearly into view, one scene one scene flash Yin Great Britain brain of lotus like film, everything is the clarity, happiness. When Yin YingLian attempted to find out oneself to begin to love Li MingLei, when Li MingLei loved one's own one, she try to find out, pursue several times several times, but can't find out some clues finally.

Not falling in love at first sight with Li MingLei, Yin YingLian clearly knows this, this is Arabian Nights to only let oneself love one in the twinkling of an eye than one's own little man a lot in view of age. This come out, don't say others will not believe, feel very funny oneself. However, Yin YingLian is unable to deny oneself is being really attracted by Li Ming and Ray, bit by bit, relative from four mesh of every morning, smile knowingly, going in group after coming off duty. Just in this unconsciously, it is lost by oneself that Yin YingLian thought, can't find the way to come back. But but the way ahead makes her greatly alarmed, treading on thin ice. Yin YingLian thinks what oneself can only be done is to stop and look for a other way, a road that oneself can be accepted for bright thunder correctly. Yin YingLian knows that will ache to do in this way one's own heart very much, it was just numb but ached to the limit, so long as the bright thunder can be happy, that everything done by oneself is worth. Great Britain Yin lotus toss and turn, think toss about for a long time straight, she fell asleep in a daze ceaselessly

A burst of ringing sound of cell phone has woken Yin YingLian in the dream up, she frowns, have not picked up the telephone. The buzz sounds again, it seems to be playing against Yin YingLian, " you do not answer the call, I keep ringing, see who to who has endurance. "

Great Britain Yin lotus open the sleepy eyes, stretch out one's hand, pick up Mobile, lift the heavy eyelid reluctantly unwilling, saw the telephone number revealed, a bit angry in the heart, the telephone was made by Li Ming and Ray, "this early in the morning, can't let people sleep getting smooth. " YingLian Yin a bit angry, dying to walk out on mobile phone downstairs go, under make by thunder those boy Li Ming.

The phone keeps ringing, Yin YingLian has sat helplessly, has put through the telephone while rubing eyes, tired purpose of a face.

"Have stayed in the bed? The nest is too regrettable in the quilt on so good a day. You stand up to tidy up as soon as possible, I will reach your downstairs of home at once. " The specially excited sound of Li Ming and Ray comes in the mobile phone, has not held Yin YingLian to take a stand, " pa " Each,he have ground more agile at there it hang up.

This is angry in the lotus nut of Yin Great Britain, " so all that you has had the final say alone, this has gone one's own way. " Great Britain Yin lotus although unwilling to climb up from comfortable bed. How about does it stand up, YingLian Yin have experience of Li Ming thunder extremely twine the rotten time played for a long time. Yin Great Britain lotus if still stayed at and refused to leave and stood up on the bed, how long does it want, MingLei Li can dash get door of YingLian Yin, whom door make being specially loud, battle array that seem, want, tell the whole resident of floor here live in greedy lazy woman who sleep on. Yin YingLian can not afford to throw this person, the task of top priority is to dress neatly at once, wait for him before going to the floor before Li Ming and Ray comes.

Yin YingLian tidies up agilely quickly, waits for Li Ming and Ray by the flower bed that locks the door and comes to floor. MingLei Li arrive yet, this unprecedented, Yin Great Britain lotus reach downstairs can see radiant with happiness Li MingLei in the past. "Ask me to speed up, where has oneself run? " Look at Li Ming thunder only road come, YingLian Yin talk to oneself, " as bright Ray this, he should arrive early. " The wind of early morning is very a bit cool, Yin YingLian can't help hitting one and trembling, look at without even a soul path, Great Britain Yin lotus angry and very much helpless, "just passed this four o'clock early in the morning, had several people who were willing to to give up that comfortable and warm bed, go to outside to drink this cold wind like a fool, I am still really obedient, I still really go downstairs if let me go downstairs. "

Great Britain Yin lotus talk in whispers in a low voice, come one car horn sound in one's ear. Great Britain Yin lotus hope, go along voice, one getting black train window of car fall down slowly, smile at like the face the flower after showing thunder that of Li Ming, " Great Britain's lotus sister, has never expected, I get early, you go bankrupt like such a long time such as dressing like the bride. " Li MingLei has raised the chin saying proudly, " get on the bus quickly, I take you to an interesting place. " Look that whether one big elder brother order little younger sister what make totally.

Yin YingLian is makes and does not know whether to laugh and cry by the look of Li Ming and Ray, but really warm in her heart, fully enjoying the happiness loved. Yin YingLian draws back the door, has stridden forward the left foot first, then the body sits down slowly, the sample is beautiful and extremely noble. " every car that come " ,After sit steady, YingLian Yin side excessive to look at MingLei Li that recreation dress up all over, asked in surprise. Li MingLei can drive, this exceeds Yin YingLian's accident. MingLei Li make some let Great Britain Yin lotus move as well as unexpected thing often, bring one car today, YingLian Yin guess Li Ming Ray what plan does it have also. Anyway has already gone out of the door, has gone from him.

Li MingLei has not answered Yin YingLian's question, the lotus fastens the safety belt after he has stretched forward for Yin Great Britain, as if perform conjuring tricks and pass Yin YingLian from drawing out two bottles of milk in one's arms again, "I sure you nothing eat, come down definitely, yet cool to drink it when it is hot, . Hot to lose skin of me almost put into chest just now, you must one afford to leave. "

Yin YingLian takes over the milk, inserts the suction into bottle, is drinking slowly, the body is getting warm gradually, but the warmer one is still her heart, her heart is full of love, is full of happiness. Yin YingLian is wishing eagerly to dote on childish loving from Li Ming's thunder picture in the heart.

Looking at Yin YingLian after drinking the milk, Li MingLei has started the car.

"Where do we go like this? " Yin Great Britain asks Li MingLei wiping the corner of the mouth, " you have not answered me yet with the wet paper by lotus, whose car is this? "

"What woman got up so many questions early in the more morning? " Li MingLei says angrily on purpose while rolling the car away from the residential block slowly, but tone is very gentle.

Yin YingLian has stared at Li Ming and Ray blaming, but feels very happy in the heart. She has smiled, tone is more gentle, " the bright thunder is so early, where do we go? "

Li MingLei no longer jokes, the face is smiling, " it is good, let me tell you, we go to climb today, the scenery there is very beautiful according to my friend, make people so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. I want to go with you, but been always stopped over by other things for the previous period. It happeneds that we are free today, I borrow the car from cousin. Go ahead, there is any question, I guarantee to answer all the questions, until let my lotus sister of Great Britain satisfied with. "

Great Britain Yin lotus raise one's hand, punch at shoulder of MingLei Li gently, seem to scratch the surface, " you, if tell me to climb early, I should do some preparation. " "Do you prepare? Must, please have a rest. " Li Ming thunder dimple, afraid expression very on purpose at the face, overstate very, " I prefer, believe one on grade one in primary school child can tidy up one's own schoolbag just, can not make me extremely angry if not believing those things that you prepared either. I am fearful, you, I start to have plenty of food and clothing by oneself. So long as you are obedient obediently, I thank heaven. " Li MingLei speaks, assumes the look of a lingering fear on purpose, has also specially hit one and trembled overstating.

Yin YingLian has good air and laughable, she knows what Li Ming the thunder has thought of, it seems this boy still bore grudges very much. Remembering it, Yin YingLian thinks happy, it really lets Li MingLei make an exhibition. A thing not long ago happened in that, it was on one weekend too, two people made an appointment and went swimming together. Li Ming and Ray would swim the apparatus has been placed on the Yin 's after coming out from the natatorium last time, Li MingLei has adviced Yin YingLian and must bring all the things specially. Great Britain Yin lotus promise but strange MingLei Li say another word on the heart, those two bags in the mouth, is not it all right to carry when leave, exhort repeatedly in this way? Yin YingLian has not taken Li Ming and Ray's words seriously. After two people have reached the natatorium, Yin YingLian has entered the water for quite a while, what this that one is visited is thoroughly delighted, where one looks up and sees Li Ming and Ray standing on diving platform full to look for her, but the trunks that Li Ming and Ray wore on one's body look unfamiliar very much, it is not that one worn last time. "Bright Ray takes several pairs of trunks like this, really treats this as the manequin show. Though your super devil of stature, unlikely to put here apparently. " YingLian Yin look at Li Ming whom thunder ponder on the heart getting joyous, MingLei Li find Yin Great Britain lotus at one glance, he " flop " One sound jumps into water, the lotus swims to Yin Great Britain quickly.

Yin YingLian turns round to swim to the other bank, intends to let Li MingLei chase her.

Li MingLei is swimming fast, the grace with suitable posture. He take runner-up still participate in amateurish swimming contest, at that time, because some reason he give up the development in this respect just later on. His parents see till now Chinese swimmer is still regretting after taking the champion, can not insist on to complain about Li MingLei without a break. MingLei Li regret, have no chance, win Grand Prix, swim technology to be fine even, although can't be agile just like that like a fish, the lotus is more than sufficient to chase Yin Great Britain. Unless only time when it is for a moment, last Great Britain Yin behind the lotus Li MingLei,from in the back of embrace by Yin Great Britain of lotuses by the waist, saying in the mouth: "You bad smell memory this, I nearly the light will come in, I want to let you endure some sufferings attentively. " Vacate a hand saying and pat water to Yin YingLian's face.

Of MingLei Li let still until Haha, Yin YingLian laughing at suddenly remember, have forgotten to take the trunks to Li MingLei. After Li MingLei's trunks were dried, Yin YingLian has put it into one's own underwear cupboard with one's own underwear conveniently, did not listen to Li MingLei and check again and swim either while going out just now and have bags. All over Yin YingLian's brain is that naked Li MingLei turns over the trunks sputteringly, and the man in trunks standing nearby is looking at his scene like seeing monsters. Yin YingLian has smiled and bent over, is it water or tears to speak clearly either on the face, the whole person almost squats into water.

Li Ming thunder one carry, stand up Yin Great Britain lotus, the air at heart would have leave out on water, he follows to smile too.

Yin YingLian wants to the more laughable feel, can't help smiling and speak.

"What does it laugh at, miss my naked body? " Li MingLei asks Yin YingLian smiling whether " I am very captivating, gives to you. "

" you do not guess arbitrarily, not so, " Great Britain Yin lotus face red to deny she regain state of mind, dare, hope to go in face of Li Ming eyes of thunder immediately at once, but her shy and red face undoubtedly exposes her secret at heart.

This sample of the lotus that Li MingLei sees Yin Great Britain, know that has guessed her attention right by oneself, the lotus is too embarrassing to go on again to afraid of Yin Great Britain. In Li Ming and Ray's view, Yin YingLian is the purity, kind-heartedness, although pieces of married woman, find out married defect of woman at all on one's body in Yin Great Britain lotus, affected unconvention, very unfriendly and unreasonable, and the other women that he know are very different. In front of Yin Great Britain lotus, Li MingLei has never spoken the excessive words, it is not he that did not dare to speak, just he is unwilling to let Yin YingLian feel a bit unhappiness from the heart. MingLei Li oneself speak clearly, why oneself just as one afraid child that oneself did the wrong thing always in front of Yin Great Britain lotus, remind one's own a meticulous one whether fear wounded Yin Great Britain heart of lotus constantly. MingLei Li know oneself love YingLian Yin, MingLei Li many times deeply already and YingLian Yin put forward, hope, can define, come down two people of relations, but Yin Great Britain lotus seem very worried each time, hesitate, promise. Li MingLei can not bear to let Yin YingLian feel pressure, have to wait patiently. The very most intimate movements of two people are only that Li Ming and Ray takes advantage of Yin YingLian to kiss her like joking when being not careful, MingLei Li say, distinguish to YingLian Yin oneself getting with girl friend sometimes once, with goddess, why is oneself careful. Yin Great Britain lotus look at him with a smile at this moment whenever, eyes are full of deep love and love. MingLei Li dying to melt on the eye, feeling of palpitation that unable to describe with language in that pair.

MingLei Li know YingLian Yin whether piece does not understand romantic person, she in one traditional people very at heart, two people are so similar in this regard. Although is likewise young people, what Li MingLei can not bear most is that some lovers at present hug on the street together self-assuredly, have made a fool of oneself and got home. Though era is different, Chinese are Chinese after all, stand on the land of China studying running the group of that foreigner distractedly, it is as that sentence really still ' Chinese draw ocean bend send ocean have the low-down ',the getting getting getting more more wrong more really still, it is too lowpriced to look for the place correctly to send the ocean. It is a happy thing that two people are in love, disappear and enjoy stopping, why must perform for somebody to see. Afraid of, catch acquaintance to be ashamed want for somebody to see as well as, perform, stand up feeling to give somebody shifty-eyed stricken then, why bother is coming. It is not good that difficult so long as everywhere put on airs, it will be for a long time to be happy. It is really thoroughly boring.

Yin Great Britain disdains these very in lotus nut, idea of the lotus with true heart that Li MingLei knows Yin Great Britain. Li Ming and Ray heard Yin YingLian and others speak of the conjugal relation very accidentally when there is once noon recess, he remember Yin Great Britain lotus be said so, love of couple have gain and loss of lying in clearly, only pay each other sincerely, that is happy. Couple pure purely such as the just current society have too few love. Li MingLei has listened to Yin YingLian the heart moves, this is exactly love that oneself sought earnestly in the past few years, but it come from Yin Great Britain mouth of lotus, MingLei Li feel surprised simultaneous heart unavoidable some lose, if a girl says these words are better! Li MingLei pays attention to Yin YingLian, every gesture of Yin YingLian unconsciously, knit the brows and smile, affecting Li Ming and Ray's sight, make Li Ming and Ray uncontrollable. Time, Li MingLei feels Yin YingLian crowded into his heart bit by bit, have occupied his whole atrium slowly. It is over that Li MingLei is perplexed and alarmed, has struggled, has struggled doing one's utmost, but he has surrendered finally. No matter where he has hidden from, been following him all the time, gets rid of and can not get rid of in Yin YingLian's shade. Even the disappearance for a moment of Yin YingLian's shade, his hearts will all ache, nearly make him overwhelmed with sorrow. Li MingLei no longer escapes, accepts this fact with all one's heart, he loves Yin YingLian! Leave Yin Great Britain lotus, his heart will be withered, will die, Li MingLei has been already unable to control one's own heart, his heart has already been dead set on loving Yin YingLian. Li MingLei sets foot on the endless way to chase the love. The thing is not plain sailing, Yin YingLian's partly accepting and partly rejecting attitude makes Li Ming and Ray very worried, especially these several days recently, Great Britain Yin lotus behave abnormal, look too very melancholy. Li MingLei does not determine the time that ½o Yin YingLian hesitate again, he brings Yin Great Britain lotus to climb today, own his purpose. Looking at and falling into and pondering Yin YingLian in the middle again, Li MingLei confirms further one's own idea is correct.

Yin YingLian is thinking of one's own worry, is pressing and reminding her at the secret moment at heart. Yin YingLian knows this must find out the method is solved as soon as possible, tows, the thing will become poorer, but this thing can not talk to Li MingLei. This has happened positively, but Li MingLei does not know, Yin YingLian has never planned to tell Li MingLei too. Yin YingLian does not matter the relation between oneself and Li MingLei is specially pureoment at heart, but Li MingLei is still kept in the dark. Yin YingLian knows that if does not say, Li MingLei can't know the truth of the thing forever by oneself. Though Li Ming and Ray suspects afterwards, questioned the process of the thing several times to some extent, but Yin Great Britain lotus deny statement of MingLei Li each time, give up store in Li Ming thunder doubt of brain. YingLian Yin want, let this pass by in this way originally, will take place never. But turn out contrary to one's wishes, the thing is not not only over, instead poorer and poorer, extremely urgent. How long Li MingLei is an extremely clever person, originally suspect to some extent, can't use, Li MingLei will understand the truth of the thing. At that time, the thing was more troublesome, Yin YingLian did not want to let Li MingLei know this, this let Great Britain Yin lotus very worried. In order to think out the best solution, Yin YingLian had thought for a night totally last night, the head is still aching till now.

"Full of fancies? " Li MingLei stretches out one's hand and strikes Yin YingLian's face gently, eyes are full of deep love. Yin YingLian falls into the appearance pondered and lets Li Ming and Ray raise the uneasy feeling of a silk in the heart, he likes seeing Yin Great Britain even more the lotus is full of smiling faces.

YingLian Yin side excessive to look at Li Ming thunder, smile, did not speak.

MingLei Li stretch out one's hand stereo to open car, light cheerful music make Great Britain Yin mood of lotus much better, "let it be, let oneself forget all today and bright Ray have a wonderful time, leave some bright memory, can be regarded as a kind of compensation to him of mine too. " Yin YingLian thinks so, sees happy Li MingLei play on the steering wheel gently with the music with the finger, the mood is much more relaxed accordingly too. Li MingLei sees Yin YingLian is having a look, hes, more enthusiastically, sings and speaks. Yin YingLian is happy, this adjusts and lets Li MingLei run, runs into Tokyo from Beijing. Yin YingLian is accompanying Li Ming and Ray to sing, her song is still quite moving, really have some singers' taste. By contrast, Li MingLei is much more inferior, Li MingLei is a bit uneasy, scratch, scratch one's head with hand, sing again, listen to Yin Great Britain lotus sing, look very intoxicated silent.

The car goes on the spacious and smooth expressway, what Li MingLei opened is not quickly. Li MingLei is not anxious to be in a hurry, anyway have two days, it is enough they are for playing, it is unnecessary to make oneself like catching the plane, then lose more than gain.



Have you at the side (five)

(2008/11/21 Fri)
Section five
Yin Great Britain is full of contradictions in lotus nut, I wonder whether should tell the secret in the heart to Li MingLei, she grows Radix Rehmanniae to swallow back, look at that happy smiling face of the thunder of Li Ming again in several words on the tip of one's tongue, Yin YingLian has hesitated, she has not decided yet, I wonder how to do. Yin YingLian clearly knows Li Ming and Ray knows how will after truth do, that is exactly that she is unwilling, it is she that feels the thing feared in the heart too.

Find out Yin YingLian has a worry, while Li MingLei comes near Yin YingLian when leaves the bathroom small and beautiful, "lotus seeds, does not suppress busily in the heart, that should talk or talking. Bright thunder boy that although old and a lot of less than we, I think it is a man too, and I find out the bright thunder is not merely that a colleague is so simple to you. I know you are afraid of anything, all of us go through the persons of life and death and departure, what is there that we open? "

Great Britain Yin lotus all over quiver, she lift head look at light and American in surprise, " bright thunder and you speak something, how could you say so? "

Staring at Yin YingLian with the utmost concentration small and beautiful, has seemed to see through her, "bright Ray says nothing, I find out by myself. As the saying goes ' person concerned is confused, the spectator sees most clearly ', moreover, my onlooker is a wise man. Lotus seeds, the most important thing is a alive one happy living unrestrained, all of us die time of peoples nearly, is there any terrible thing? Lotus seeds, I have understood you very much, you are worrying something, you, in worry anything, I am all absolutely clear, clear. I have wanted for a long time to say, just suffer from having no chance suitable in some words. But now I will tell you, your happiness is grasped in your hands, the happiness of the bright thunder is in your hands. You should be able to feel bright thunder boy that love you to be die-hard, for bright happy you of thunder being should a bit braver too. So long as you and bright thunder getting happy, that enough, as for other view of people being unimportant. " Speaking, the small beautiful hands which pick up Yin YingLian have been exerted oneself to hold, certainly say: "Lotus seeds, must follow one's own heart, your heart will not lie. "

Dimple Yin by one scene vast and hazy look at the faces of YingLian, " can also do it in that way with? How are the parents of the bright thunder, I have no confidence in the face of them. Moreover I want, let no one but agony sad because of me, so I and bright thunder impossible either, such a thing can never happen. "

"Your hope is good, but that is not possible absolutely! Bright thunder happiness of parents in hand of you, you plan how do, happy you bear, destroy bright happiness of thunder for them? The bright thunder has already subsided in deeply, you did not remember until now that leave and retreat, it is often too late, are you too cruel? " Small beautiful eyes blink, stare at YingLian Yin not blinking, posture that seem, want one make YingLian Yin fainted to wake up the same, "lotus seeds, who who be light in weight, you will know what's what. Besides, you and how willing to bright thunder sad, heart of you will ache even more. "

" non- willing to and Yes how is it, " Yin YingLian has bowed the head painfully, the look is very sad, " thing of I and bright thunder that I have thought, but want to be more and more afraid, want to think oneself too selfish. The bright thunder is still so young, I with him am very happy, very bright thunder? Has not future of bright thunder destroyed? How long can I accompany him to go? This is wrong from the beginning, why also want it and continue going on making mistakes? " Yin YingLian no longer conceals, tells and presses the gloom in the heart.

Small to find out Great Britain Yin lotus at this moment unusually sad, bear she, little to hope Yin Great Britain lotus can think well just while being beautiful too while being beautiful, don't get later bitter to hurt bright thunder also by oneself, " to whose fault who lotus seeds, thing of the emotion hard to say, but has missed, difficult to want to look for back. I just hope you can get hold of the happiness, you, for the bright thunder, you should face bravely too, it is not a method to run away. "

"Run away, who wants to run away? Where to go to? " Li MingLei came back at this moment, heard the small and beautiful words asked Yin YingLian in surprise.

Yin YingLian's face is red, the topic that branch off at once, the look is said very unaturally: "We are talking about TV play of Korea S. " wonderful life ", the man protagonist there Han ChengHuan does not run away, Zheng Shi valued highly and gave birth to Shen Fei alone? "

Little to hear speech to be distracted while being American, eye stare at eyes of YingLian Yin frank direct, sight is sharp, the expression on the face is extremely complicated, a big doubt flashes in the brain out. "Bad, how tear to this topic. " YingLian Yin grieve secretly, she watch one's own expression in one's eyes guess, arrive light to think anything while being beautiful while being beautiful while as a child, it is small and beautiful must associate it with her. YingLian Yin dare what does it speak again, dare, go, watch light American eyes again still more. She fears young beautiful that pierces all expressions in one's eyes, she has given oneself hand in the heart secretly, "why tear, blow " wonderful life " come at this time just, ' here have 300 two silver ', do not put understanding what is hinted in this? What talent it is small American, not open yet, does not this mean that tells the small American pregnant thing by oneself? Hey, this opens one's mouth! " Yin YingLian regrets without end secretly.

Because MingLei Li stand in nearby, small and beautiful and unable to ask what it will be YingLian Yin, but expression of her seem what does it understand again, she look at Yin Great Britain lotus meaningful, corner of the mouth bring whom a silk does not ponder over smile, say punning on a word: "Sometimes the story stems from life, it is the true portrayal of the life. Perhaps we have such a thing that wish the final result is beautiful at one's side. "

"Is TV play of Korea S. really so goodlooking? I say why you women like watching TV play of Korea S., whether have been fascinated by the handsome boy inside? How about it, compared with them am I enough for generals? " Li Ming says that holds up the chin with the right hand by the thunder, has done a pleasant smile.

"The general is very handsome, do not know whether it is a little ' near-sighted ' or not. " Small to leave behind one thought-provoking twist, leave, she intend specialty that tone draw when saying ' near-sighted ' two word while being beautiful, the expression in one's eyes of seeing Li MingLei is like having meaning besides too.

" near-sighted " ,MingLei Li repeat one, response of him to soon, set up horse move face close to Yin Great Britain lotus extremely, saying in the mouth: "Near-sighted, don't mention ' near-sightedly ', it is the ' long sight ', my lotus sister of Great Britain is a beauty too. "

Although Yin YingLian's mood at this moment is very terrible, she is amused by Li Ming's words of thunder, she stretches out one's hand and pushes away the face of Li MingLei who sticks to on one's own face quickly, has smiled.

Li MingLei's mood is good, Yin YingLian seems to be infected too, the trouble in the heart has been put to on one side temporarily, until so small and beautiful as to close, two talents leave.

Yin YingLian has been already very late while getting home. MingLei Li insist on, want, sit, go back a moment later upstairs, YingLian Yin allege oneself to be very much tired to think having a rest early, Li MingLei has left reluctant to part withly, abandons a word before leaving, " I will phone you tomorrow morning, wait for me. "

Look at the figure of Li MingLei turning round to go down the stair, Yin Great Britain grows and sighs over lotus nut with feeling: "This is disparity! Hard for one day, the bright thunder seems that it is so full of vigor to remain, animated; I to ache all over, to the utmost point weariness. Several decades in a few years, this kind of disparity is more obvious, will I who am old will be be exactly bright Ray of the brightest time in life how to face? " One slight chill in the air attack Yin Great Britain lotus, she can't help, play one cold and quiver, face cover with sad expression immediately.

Yin YingLian has entered the door, she takes off the shoes, does not bother to open, lie even light on the bed, it seems that only in this way her agony at heart could be a bit less. The dim light that that flickering street lamp outside the window sends out shines into the room through the window, let that copy, lotus of Great Britain, Yin add on uneasy mood one silk terrified even more. Yin YingLian so lies silently, two are having a look in the night sky outside window definitely. The night sky of tonight seems to be the heart of the lotus is inviting to all cooperate with Yin Great Britain, the moon does not know where to hide from, groups of stars bright night sky tonight but a pitch-black one in the past, make heart born frightened unsettled. At heart sorrow, lotus of Great Britain, Yin growing on and on, think a position pains a period of time such as chest only. Yin YingLian has remembered a lot of things, but every thing is involved in Li MingLei, it is Li MingLei's shade everywhere at the moment. YingLian Yin expect she scene Yin see MingLei Li, for the first time

It was Wednesday that Yin YingLian clearly remembered that day because the previous day was just the anniversary of the death when Yao Zi was beautiful, oneself has been sad for a night, eyes are still a bit red while going to work. Wang Dong asks concernedly whether she is ill, Yin YingLian says with a smile one's own strong thinking of a tiger, how does the meeting falls ill the woolen cloth. Speak room, deep and vast to answer one telephone winter, face sink, seem specially gloomy subsequently.

Yin YingLian asks Wang Dong has something.

Cold a face of deep and vast winter, the look is very agitated, " the company arranged a person to this of ours, know whether any incoming roads. Say that will register soon. "

Why once thing Yin YingLian has understood once hearing, it seems that there is a thing that has been done in deep and vast winter. The department entered the rookie each time, Wang Dong is all such a pair of samples, had experience of either when came in originally by oneself. Willing to help but unable to do so, let's toss about with he himself. Thinking of this, Yin YingLian gets back to one's own desk, turns on the computer, have done one's own work.

But refuse to stay idle in deep and vast winter, one pair of backs of the hand walks up and down in the office behind, it is one circle that afford to connect one circle, rotate, faint Yin Great Britain head of lotus, " every heaven, this has begun. " Great Britain Yin complain incessantly in the lotus nut, she have a look other people, find a bitter face of everybody stealthily, that look also wants the agony more than the person of that constipation.

But Wang Dong puts everybody's feeling on one side, towering rotation comes to rotate. A pair of hands are to vary the posture ceaselessly, carried behind a moment later, another hand is holding the chin for a moment, eyes have been narrowed into one and sewn, the ones that did not know still thought a certain literature master is in the novel with excellent plot.

YingLian Yin know when being agitated and uneasy, the best method is not to cut him deep and vast winter, one is enough to let he himself turn. "Wonder how the luck of the new-comer ' unlucky egg ' is, meet the timid words of this ' unlucky egg ', also can't let deep and vast these posture is frightened to fall winter " ,Yin YingLian sympathized with that new colleague never meeting it in the heart.

" unlucky egg " Just in everybody's eager prospective appearance, when he pushed away to open the door to come into the office, all people stop thing that hand do, eyes neat to penetrate to push away door and person that enter, look that seem person in in deep distress, look forward with impatient expectancy at long last wishing, come on liberator to be general. "Ah, over at long last, nearly let Wang Dong give and transfer to the hell underworld, this crime meets with. " Everybody has produced a long air secretly.

Wang Dong stopped pacing immediately, the young guy coming in at will stoically.

"How are you, my name is Li MingLei, come to register today. " Li MingLei introduces oneself to. Li Ming and Ray is clean and neat, specially agile too to speak. Eyes of everybody make him to be very a bit unatural, heart uneasy, " tense, why is the feeling uncomfortable today? "

Everybody has washed Li Ming and Ray place with a spurious smile and nodded, can be regarded as and greet. The expression on the face has resumed the former state gradually too, the feeling has disappeared slowly too like transferring to like one hundred and scratching the heart by deep and vast winter, everybody seem as come back from danger spot, who also can take into account, get Li Ming what kind of courteous reception thunder can receive. And then should preside over the ceremony and meet Li Ming and Ray in deep and vast winter. The same old stuff, nothing and novel, everybody sees that can not be spoilt strangely, take advantage of Wang Dong to be " met " In the MingLei Li, surf the Net, enjoy a trip to, take this opportunity sober brain that fainted that Dong turn Wang. Everybody is busy bowing the head tacitly, that absorbed look was gone beyond in the past, no one takes notice of Wang Dong and Li MingLei again




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